Learn business negotiation skills for today’s global economy

Second edition of Annamay in Mexico now available.

Negotiation training simulations for schools or businesses. Extensively researched and written by Maureen Maguire Lewis, and edited by experts in the fields of negotiation, management, culture and international business.

As one of the oldest, most engaging and most effective methods for teaching specific subject areas, simulations have been used widely in business, medical, legal, and military training, with excellent results.

The simulations available from CulturesCrossing.com create fictional, but fact-based, scenarios. Participants play the roles of American and international businesspersons and negotiators, based upon biographical and behavioral information provided to them in a role-play chapters. The role-players act within corporate and character guidelines and cultural constraints while working toward specific business objectives.

Three Gorges Dam in China, 2014
Three Gorges Dam in China, 2014