What are Simulations?

CulturesCrossing.com simulations create fictional, but fact-based, scenarios. Participants play the roles of American and international businesspersons and negotiators, based upon biographical and behavioral information provided to them in a role-play booklet. The role-players must act within corporate and character guidelines and cultural constraints while working toward specific business objectives.

The business scenarios and the individual character roles are based on a synthesis of different – but real – business, cultural, and political situations that have occurred in the recent past.

Each simulation has been tested and run with at least two different testing groups. Cultural, country and business experts have edited and verified the credibility and realism of each simulation.

The objective of each role-play simulation varies, but the basic goals remain the same. Participants should learn the value of:

  • Listening actively and openly
  • Adapting communication, interpersonal and business skills to the context of another culture
  • Framing disagreements in a way that does not end dialogue
  • Redefining what constitutes winning.

Above all, the simulations create no predetermined heroes, no predetermined fools and no predetermined outcomes.