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Jeneryn in India
Should a U.S. Medical Transcription Company Outsource Service to India?

A role-play simulation designed to teach
cross-cultural negotiation strategies. (2006)


Maureen Maguire Lewis
The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Senior Editor

Dr. Arvind Phatak
Carnell Professor of Management and International Business
Executive Director of Global Management Studies and CIBER
Temple University


100 pages

Level of Difficulty

Appropriate for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and executive training levels

Issues Involved

Offshore outsourcing to India; the medical transcription industry in the United States and India; the advantages and disadvantages of offshore outsourcing as well as the political, economic, and privacy issues involved in outsourcing confidential medical records.


Katerina Poliakov, CEO of Jeneryn Medical Transcription Services, faces a compelling and frustrating challenge: The U.S. medical transcription industry is projected to grow by 20 percent annually and the job outlook for medical transcriptionists is quite healthy. However, the number of qualified MT workers in the U.S. shrinks every year. Without workers, Poliakov cannot sustain her 14-year old company.

Reluctantly, she decides to investigate the world of offshore medical transcription in India. After initiating due diligence of several Indian firms, she and her company officers will travel to Chennai, India to perform deeper diligence, and possibly negotiate an outsourcing agreement with an Indian company.

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