Olin Life in China is the first negotiation simulation on China that is fully anchored in the cultural, strategic and managerial context of the Chinese business environment, using real-life business realities as a platform on which cross-cultural behavioral dynamics interplay. It also does a wonderful job of teaching cross-cultural negotiation principles!”

Dr. Roy J. Lewicki
Fisher College of Business
Ohio State University

“I have been using the Olin Life in China simulation in my MBA Global Business course, and I will continue doing so.  Why?  First, the materials that accompany the simulation are very well written, and very current.  Moreover, the simulation is just very realistic, in the sense that it shows the profound difficulty of getting to any kind of agreement given the parties’ wildly divergent cultural orientations and agendas.  Finally, students are overwhelmingly positive about the experience, and have encouraged me to keep it in the course.”  January 2013

Robert T. Rhodes 
Professor of Professional Practice 
M.J. Neeley School of Business (Tandy Hall, 282)
Texas Christian University P.O. Box 298530 
Fort Worth, Texas 76129 

“Before entering the simulation Olin Life in China, all of my students have completed a course on international business environment and most of its follow-up course on operations in multination enterprises.  The simulation offered the opportunity for them to apply theories learned from these two courses into a concrete setting, and showed them the difference between learning from a textbook and learning in a real-life situation.  Many students commented that Olin Life in China was extremely eye-opening and the most useful experience in their college life.  Thank you for developing such a useful and fun exercise.” April 2011

Dan Li, Associate Professor of  International Business
Kelly School Business, Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana

“I just ran Olin Life in China in Singapore.  The class consisted of working professionals in an HRM program Temple University has just begun there, including several ethnic Chinese Singaporean students. It was a real success. The Chinese students all vouched for the simulation’s authenticity and really enjoyed it. They were fully engaged for the 6 hours of class time, plus 1.5 hours of discussion…I’m really looking forward to the 3rd edition of Olin Life.  I am such a fan of your work on these simulations.  They are so, so valuable!” August 2011

Professor Arthur Hochner
Fox School of Business and Management
Temple University

“At our university, we run the Olin Life in China simulation for both undergraduate and graduate students. Each group comes away with an entirely new appreciation for cultural differences arising during a negotiation.  Local faculties have also participated in this simulation, which have furthered their appreciation for intercultural communication.  Many have since used it in their curriculums. Maureen has done an excellent job in preparing the cases! They provide a comprehensive account of the situation and are easy to comprehend.  Overall, this simulation presents a thorough, insightful, and provocative exercise in global business negotiations.” August 2011

Dr. Subhash C. Jain, Director
Center for International Business Education and Research
University of Connecticut

“I have used the Olin Life in China case in both a Columbia Business School course in New York, and an academic module at the World Economic Forum in Geneva. The students in both instances loved the simulation exercise. They learned useful aspects of the Chinese style of negotiation, and, as a bonus, gained additional knowledge about its regulatory infrastructure and insurance industry. Well done.” September, 2008

Dr. Shang-Jin Wei
Professor of Finance and Economics, and
N. T. Wang Professor of Chinese Business and Economy
Columbia Business School

“In 2006, I used Annamay in Mexico as capstone experience for my IB 3013 Comparative Culture and International Business course and Frost in France as a capstone experience for my IB 4013 Germany and the European Union course. They were invaluable teaching tools that required my students to act and negotiate within a different cultural frame of reference while allowing for creative improvisation within their respective roles; this unique experience created a dynamic learning environment that my students still remember and enjoy discussing. Thank you very much for providing such an outstanding teaching tool!” July, 2007

Applied Assistant Professor
Norah M. Josefchuk
The University of Tulsa
International Business

“I have twice had the opportunity to observe Olin Life in China in action and after each time, I wanted to rush out and start a business just to facilitate this role-play! It is that good.”

Olin Life in China is a great resource for international business educators as well as Chinese language instructors. With no adaptation at all, these materials are an excellent means of teaching Americans the subtleties of doing business abroad; with some extra assignments for the learners, Olin Life can be used in advanced Chinese language classes to teach Americans how to successfully do business “in Chinese.”

“Language and business teachers both know that learning by doing is the only way to acquire automaticity. With Olin Life in China, educators and learners alike have a well-designed platform for “doing” Chinese business in the classroom.” July 5, 2007

Dr. Patrick McAloon
Owner, SinoConnect, LLC
Chinese Language Pedagogy, The Ohio State University

“The Olin Life in China simulation went very well. I ran the simulation as the last class of my International Management course. The students commented that the simulation offered a wonderful setting for them to apply what they have learned in both the international business and international management courses. I also found the questions listed in the packet very useful for the post-negotiation discussion. I will definitely adopt the packet for my future International Management classes. Thank you!” June 2006

Dan Li, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

“My MBA students have thoroughly enjoyed Annamay in Mexico. It is well written, comprehensive, and very realistic. They were able to apply principles of negotiation to a cross cultural environment and learn more about Mexican culture. It was well worth the time invested.” February 2006

Professor Roy Lewicki
Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Management and Human Resources
The Ohio State University

“The Olin Life in China case was very well received by my students. They said that the role-play really took all of their skills and made them realize that what they had been learning all semester was relevant to this experience.” January 2005

Dr. Arthur Hochner
Associate Professor of Human Resource Administration
Fox School of Business and Management
Temple University

Vagabonds in Vietnam motivated my MBA students to research Vietnamese culture and business customs. Students playing US roles even prepared business cards and practiced culturally-appropriate ways of handing them out. During the debriefing, I could tell they were learning to negotiate in an international setting from their observations about the mistakes they made, their astonishment at the behaviors they observed, and their efforts to craft successful tactics.” October 2004

Professor Steven M. Maser
Director, Executive Development Center
Atkinson Graduate School of Management
Willamette University

“I used Annamay in Mexico for an undergraduate class of Spanish for Business students. Initially, I was unsure about an all-English activity in a Spanish language class, but the depth of cultural understanding (an important element in the course) gained through Annamay in Mexico fully justified its use. My students absorbed important cultural lessons much more deeply when made to act them out; simply reading about them in a textbook doesn’t compare! Annamay in Mexico is also quite flexible and adaptable to a variety of class needs. Thank you Maureen!” April 2004

Dr. Richard Vernon
Spanish for Business
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“I ran the China simulation, Olin Life in China, in my class about two weeks ago (April 2004). I have to tell you that everybody loved Olin Life and it was a great experience. Many thanks for your help.”

Berrin D. Guner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
Rowan University
Glassboro, New Jersey

Frost in France is thoroughly researched and well written. This scenario includes an excellent exposition of the differences between French and American cultures. The author demonstrates an astute understanding of French culture and the current political, economic and social climate in France. This background, which is essential for anyone wanting to do business in France or with the French, is clearly presented in a succinct yet thorough manner… My students loved using this role-play. They really got into it and played it to the hilt, including props and appropriate attire. They felt that all they had learned in class leading up to the simulation about understanding cultural differences and French culture came to life!” May 2004

Dr. Nicole Francine Minnick
French for Business Language Lecturer
University of Maryland

Annamay In Mexico worked superbly (in April 2004) with my undergraduate class, The Economics of Latin America. It gave them the opportunity to address numerous issues related to economic development and globalization as they engaged in a lively debate that addressed economic themes but also addressed equally important cultural dynamics and negotiation strategies. They enjoyed it immensely and took their roles quite seriously. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Maria Crummett, Ph.D.
Director, Center for International Business
College of Business Administration
University of South Florida

“Most of these lessons (from Olin Life in China) can be applied to a real life negotiation with the Chinese. I can apply the lessons I learned in the information packet along with the techniques that were used in the negotiation role play. It will definitely come into use when I work overseas in China or travel there to do business with Chinese people. I will be aware of what to expect and what not to do.”

Jonathan Lai
Class of 2005
Villanova University College of Commerce & Finance
Instructor: Professor Deepa Awal

“These cross-cultural simulations are excellent for training and teaching executives and graduate business students. I am one of your biggest fans! Write more, Maureen!”

Dr. Yahia H. Zoubir
Director, Thunderbird Europe
Centre Universitaire, Paris, France