1. How do I run a simulation?

The Complete Instructor’s Book for each simulation contains detailed directions for preparing participants or students in advance, organizing the logistical details, creating teams, and facilitating one of CulturesCrossing.com’s simulations.

2. How many participants or students do I need to run a simulation?

You can have as few as seven or as many as 60-70. The author has run simulations with as many as 300 students and with as few as seven. A single Complete Student Packet contains materials for eight students or participants, so if you have 25 students, you would need to order only three Student Packets. (The cost per student is only $12.00.) The simulations are flexible enough so that you need not have perfect multiples of eight.

3. Are background research and readings required?

No. An instructor or trainer can use the materials as self-contained exercises. However, many instructors or trainers have assigned additional reading or internet research prior to the actual simulation. All the CulturesCrossing.com simulations contain extensive bibliographies, including web site addresses.

4. What is a Process Observer Role, and is it necessary?

The Process Observer roles are essential to the success of a simulation. Each one plays a very important role, especially during the debriefing. Their packets contain specific instructions on how to play the role successfully.

5. How much time does it take to run a simulation?

We recommend that the Complete Student Packets (between 20-40 pages each) be handed out at least seven days ahead of the actual simulation date. Students and participants need that time to read and digest their information and instructions.

The actual simulation should take place on a single day, or two consecutive days, with a minimum of five–six hours allotted for the full exercise to take place.

However, many instructors and trainers have varied the methods for running a CulturesCrossing.com simulation. Please contact info@culturescrossing.com for more information.

6. I am still unsure. Can I talk with the author or other professors and trainers who have used these simulations?

Of course! Use info@culturescrossing.com to communicate with the author and other experienced simulation users. Or you may call Maureen Maguire Lewis at 919.475.6442 to set up a time to discuss any aspect of the simulations.

7. Is the author available for personal consultation regarding the simulations?

Absolutely. If you are interested in a personal consultation, Ms. Lewis offers on- or off-site advisor and facilitation services. You can contact her at 919.475.6442 to make any necessary arrangements.